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  Learning takes effort, time, commitment and concentration

My goal is to have all of my students to cover the grade level Math standards in depth by understanding the connections between the concept, the skills and applications of any given lesson so that you can be prepared for the State testing, Smarter Balance Assessment. (SBA) and high school mathematics.

I encourage you to try your best, to be proactive (to take initiative right away, instead of reacting later when it is too late) in your learning, to be able to complete your class work, homework and/or projects on time, participate in class discussion, ask questions, and stay for study club on Mondays to get one on one help.

Use your Chromebook laptop, to access your textbook online and visit the connectED online resource pages on the topic you like to explore. There are step by step guides, tutoring videos, practice worksheets and online checkup, quiz questions where the site automatically grades your work. I will demonstrate how you will access your math eBook and its features

You can also use a calculator as long as you show your step by step work, Please avoid using a calculator for multiplication facts (1-144) and for perfect squares (1-15). 



Math supplies for September 2016 - June 2017:

  • A school planner/use google planner
  • Two graph/square/ paper notebooks, and loose /square/ graph papers
  • 3 sharpened pencils with a pencil pouch and an eraser …
  • Math textbook and a Chrome book computer (our School District will provide)
  • A protractor and a standard ruler 
  • Students, who may not have enough supplies, please bring a note from home and contact me the first week of the school year, so that I can provide the materials for you

 To access your Current Math Textbook WEBSITE:

Your user name to access the book is: all in caps EDM-skyward user name

Your password is to access the book is: all in caps skyward user name 




This school year we will use the recently adopted Glencoe Math Textbook, Course II: volume 1 and volume 2 for 7th grade students. The 8th Grade Textbook, Course III, volume 1 and 2. The 7th grade and 8th grade books are consumable (which means you will have an option to show work and write inside the book pages) and you will turn in class work homework individual pages from the textbook when directed.

Accelerated Math for 7th grade honors students.  7th grade honor classes text book is not consumable. They cannot write in the hard copy book, but they can write inside the "interactive study guide" book only. Some homework assignments are expected to be turned in using a separate piece of paper (SPP).

The text books are written to the new National Mathematics Standard called Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students and Parents will have online access to the textbook which has several resources materials including videos, and interactive tutorial materials to help the student review what has been learned in math class. 

If you lose your book you must pay: $11.75 for 7th and 8th grade students;

 $70.00 for 7th grade hard cover book and $11.75 for Inter active guide.
Here is the link for the new Math Standard. It shows the content of the curriculum.
Please look through and acquaint yourself about the course from this document.


Other items of interest in this site:

  • List of math vocabularies, Family oriented math project ideas, and annual academic course plan are in Documents tab.
  • List of handouts or practice packets, are located under practice and quizzes tab.
  • Links to Math website /regular and interactive sites/ math practice, math games and Links to other online Math vocabulary websites are under links tab.

Please Note that:

  • There will be homework /independent work/ every day from Monday to Thursday and on weekends if the class is behind the schedule.
  • Homework assignments are due the next day some are assigned for few days longer
  • There will be a pre-test and a post test at the beginning and end of a chapter to collect data about the students' growth and/or needs.
  • Project based assignments are due within 7-10 days after assigned date.
  • Minimum acceptable grade is a C, if you get lower than that you are expected to redo or fix and turn in two days to earn a better grade. Honor students are expected at minimum B.
  • Students who show effective effort to complete work will have multiple chances to redo the work.
  • An assignment is considered late one day after the due date.
  • Your progress report will be sent home 2 or 3 weeks before the end of the quarter.


Daily expectations:

1) To come ready to learn, with all math tools and supplies
2) To have a positive attitude towards math
3) To develop a commitment to learn and achieve,
4) To try and show effort consistently and effectively 
5) To participate and ask questions
6) To complete assigned work on due date
7) To stay for study club, if you need individual assistance
8) To stay on task and focused at all times
9) To participate in discussions
10) To work with a partner or a group in class


What you can do at home:

1) To work on identified gaps you may have diligently every day.
2) to complete homework, and spend up to 20 min to review daily lessons
3) to use your textbook examples and the website to help you complete work
4) to write your questions for the next day
5) to study and memorize some rules assigned and/or learned
6) to use the math websites, using the links from this site
7) to use 
8) to avoid procrastination when short or long term projects assigned.
9) Visit Sino-Libraries system for free online help

What Parents can do to help a student to succeed in math learning:

1) make sure that your child has an a quiet place to work and follow up to continue with this work habit
2) make sure that your child goes to bed early
3) consistently check his/her weekly performance on skyward
4) communicate the teacher your concern on time, before the fact
5) find places like boys and girls club, to get help on daily math work
6) make sure that you child has all necessary learning tools. Graph papers
book, text book, sharpened pencils, calculator,
7) If possible, find a tutor to help narrow the gap....
8) to remind your child not to use cell phone, IPod, and other gadgets during class time                                                                                            9) allocate time in a day to complete school work daily                                                                                                                                                10) please do not text or call a student during class time


Source for guided practice please use this link:

for more practice questions: visit

        About study club: 

Study club time is designed to get individual assistance from a Teacher, as well as to complete homework when a student is willing to stay or assigned by the teacher or parent in agreement with the teacher, as well as to turn in missing assignment if a student happens to be absent from class, or to check grades or to complete redo work, or to get assistance on projects assignment.

Students are encouraged to come to study club with specific questions.
A student is expected to come on time 2:35 and leave at 3:05 or 3:20 if they have their own ride or walk home. If they need to stay longer they will proceed to study table class to stay till 4:30pm.

A student who fails to follow the expectations during study club time will be removed immediately and a parent will be notified.

  • My study club time is on Mondays.
  • School bus is available if you register early online.
  • You can also arrange a ride and attend the club or if you walk home just drop by; no registration is needed in the office.
  • Make sure your parents are aware of your stay ahead of time.
  • The skyward grading system will be updated every Friday/Saturdays.