Your daily homework assignment is located in the Independent practice  page of each lesson in your textbook.

 There is homework every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday sometimes on Fridays.

   All Daily assignments are due the next day, they can turn in the next day for full credit, after the second day if you turn in without a note from your parent you will earn maximum 70%  for a work without errors. If you were absent you will have additional days depending on the number of day you were absent.

Student will be able assigned a minimum of 15 questions from a given lesson everyday. The next day they have to sign in for completion. Ask questions in class or stay for study club if you need further clarifications. Answers to daily questions will be provided. if you have an error, you are expected to redo or fix them. Your weekly homework grade will be earned through the weekly homework quiz.

If your score for homework quiz is lower that 70% you will have a chance to retake the homework next Monday during Study club. Study over during the weekend. 

  • Show work for each question when applicable.
  • You may check/review the example pages for each lesson before completing work.
  • Read the instructions/directions carefully
  • Use the online textbook tutor pages, videos and other online math sites.
  • Write legibly and leave space between each task
  • Use a separate piece of paper /SPP/ if there will not be enough space inside the work zone in the consumable textbook.
  • Turn your task or complete and bring it in class for correction.
  • Bring question for class discussion too
  • If you need help stay for study club. My study club day is on Mondays
  • If you earn lesson 70% you have an option to redo/fix and turn it in