Mathematics Academic Plan for 2017-2018 for 7th Grade honors and 8th Grade classes

Mr. Haile-Meskel (HM)(425 431 4025)

Course Description:

The 2017-2018, 7th grade honors and 8th grade Math curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards.


  • Text book Glencoe for 7th grade honors accelerated  Textbook and inquiry lab book   $70 each if lost (hard cover only)
  • Text book Glencoe for 8th grade course 3 volume 1 and 2, consumable. $12 replacement each
  • These books are also accessible online and students will be trained on how to access and use the website.

       Students’ Learning targets in this course are: understanding the concepts, skills and applications of

7th honor Grade classes                                                                                 8th Grade classes

a)      Expressions and equations and inequalities

b)      Multi-step equation

c)      Geometric figures and measure of figures

d)      Probability and statistics and also 8th grade lessons

a)      Real numbers

b)      Equations /two step, multistep/

c)      Scientific notations and Exponent

d)      Function

e)      The Pythagorean Theorem

f)       Transformation

g)      Congruence and similarity

h)      Volume and surface area

Instructional Materials:

  • Math text books
  • Graph paper notebooks
  • Calculators
  • Chrome book computer based lessons.
  • Access to Mobymax site

Students growth data collection:

  • Exit tickets, formative, and/or summative assessments
  • Begging of the year (pre-test) and end of the year post test
  • quizzes, chapter test, projects.
  • Skyward update every two weeks on Fridays or weekends.


       Homework Policy:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays are homework nights. (some Fridays when the class lags behind).
  • If a student misses two assignments, parents will be contacted.
  • Incomplete or erroneous homework or low scored papers can be redone within two days for full credit or stay for study club to get individual assistance. (arrange a ride)
  • The last day to accept any missing work Mondays. 
  • Students who earn less than 70% grade will have a choice to fix or redo work for better grade.
  • A student who will have multiple missing assignments and in danger of failing may have a passing grade, if she/he scores 85% or better on any assessment relevant to the lesson.
  • My study club day is on Monday each week in room 2407.


 Grading Policy:

  • Class work 50%, quiz, test, project 30%,  homework 20%,  

Class room expectations:

a)      A reminder and/or a warning 

1st infraction


b)     Lunch duty or after school detention in room  + call home and arrange a ride.

2nd infraction, may be removed from class for the period and parents conference will be arranged.

c)      Parent conference in my classroom 

3rd infraction, may be removed from class and send to Office with a referral, cannot return unless suspended or other measures....

d)     Office referral/ administration may contact home

4th infraction will be removed from class till a decision …