Classroom expectations:

1) The first warning for the duration of the quarter

2)  For the first violation the consequence will be to do lunch duty or 30 min detention in room 2407, and phone call home, the next day. if you don't turn in the signed form back the next day, you will have to serve additional lunch duty for the next two days. If not you will get a referral for an hour detention in the Office.

3) An hour detention and parent meeting

4) Remove from class.


Welcome to Mr. HM’s Math class:

For further information check my school website, School website:   click Mr. HM

1)  Two square/graph paper notebooks 

3)  Square or graph paper loose papers 

4)  A pencil pouch 3 sharpened pencils and one eraser

5)  A regular calculator with square root and exponent keys

6)    A 12 in ruler and a protractor for geometry course


Every day at the beginning of the class you need:

 a)   To be in your seat before the bell rings

b)    Have your Math textbook ready

c)    Take out and be ready with your completed homework

d)    Get you math graph papers ready and

e)    Three Sharpened pencils

f)     Make sure to copy daily class and homework assignments

g)    Turn in assigned work on the due date for full credit or if late for 70% for quality work.

h)    You can redo low scored work and turn them in soon

i)     My study club days are Mondays, if you need one on one assistance. Inform your parents you are staying for study club any day except on Wednesdays 

j)  There will be homework from Monday- Fridays.





 I read the above, understood the expectation and will abide by those expectation to be successful in this class.


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