·         Study club time is designed to get individual assistance from a Teacher, as well as to complete  homework when a student is willing to stay, or to turn in missing assignment when absent from class, or to check grades or redo work with Teacher's assistance, and or to get assistance on projects assignment.

·         Students are encouraged to come to study club with specific questions, and student is expected to be in class @ 2:35pm.

·      arrange a ride or you need to stay for STUDY TABLE - TO RIDE THE 4PM BUS

·         My study club time is scheduled every week on Mondays.

        Make sure to sign in online for study table.

·         You can also arrange a ride on your own and attend the club or if you walk home just drop by, no registration is needed.

·  Make sure your parents are aware of your stay ahead of time.


·         The skyward grading system will be updated every Friday/Saturdays please visit the site.

·         Complete missing work and fix or redo low scored assignments and turn them in.



Study Table:

·        Study table time is for students who need a quiet time and a place to work on their homework,

·        To work together with their peers

·        To study and review learned lessons

·        It runs from 2:35 to 4:00, it is available weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays

·        It will be inside the school cafeteria.

·        There will be school bus to take you home but make sure your parents are informed and aware of your situation.