SMART goals and FITT homework

Greetings from Physical Education and Health at Alderwood MIddle School,


Recently your student should have written a SMART Goal.  This SMART Goal is something they are working on both in and outside of school.  When you have a moment they would love to share their goal with you.  Please ask to see their goal.


In support of achieving their goal, they are now being given a weekly FITT Worksheet as homework to keep track of what they are doing physically outside of the school day.  Some suggestions for being active outside the school day are:  30 minutes of walking or jogging, playing basketball, sports team practices, dance or drill practices, working out at a gym or YMCA, swimming, Boys and Girls Club activities, exercises in the living room, and many more!  If you or your student are struggling for ideas, please contact me and I would love to help!

Any support you can give your student to help them achieve their goal would be fantastic.  Ways to support include, exercising with them, reminding them to exercise, and providing time/space/transport to exercise.  Even counting their jumping jacks in the living room could support them meeting their goal.