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"History Why" Outline/Margin Note Article
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesMarch 3, 2015
100 Citizenship Study Guide - More Detailed Responses
Detailed U.S. Citizenship Test Questions and Answers.doc
CitizenshipNovember 5, 2013
100 Citizenship Test Questions
Citizenship Test Guide with
CitizenshipSeptember 23, 2014
100 guia de estudio de la cuestion de US Citizenship and Immigration Services - Spanish
CitizenshipSeptember 4, 2012
100 Question Study Guide from US Citizenship and Immigration Services - English
CitizenshipSeptember 4, 2012
16 Physical Features List for US Map #3
Physical Features Map of America Resource.pdf
Test Prep/Homework ResourcesSeptember 15, 2015
Academic Plan Nakanishi 8th Grade Soc. Stud.
Academic Plan Form 2016 8th Grade.pdf
ProfessionalSeptember 13, 2016
America Early Start Not so Pretty
Flocabulary Early Start Not So Pretty.docx
Flocabulary and Current EventsOctober 9, 2015
Annotated Bibliography - More Examples (from previous CBA)
Annotated Bibliography Example 2011.doc
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesMarch 27, 2015
Annotated Bibliography/Works Cited Sample
CBA - Checks and Balances - Trail of Tears, Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesJune 5, 2014
Basics of How to Use Microsoft Word/Essay Screen
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesFebruary 6, 2012
Benefit$ of Graduating High School and College
Planning for the FutureAugust 18, 2010
Bibliography/Works Cited (Modified)
CBA - Checks and Balances - Trail of Tears, Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesJune 5, 2014
Branches of Government - Note Slide 6 Especially
4 Branches of Government.pdf
CitizenshipSeptember 23, 2014
Chromebook Printing with "Papercut" Instructions
Chromebook Printing With Papercut.pdf
Family/Student School-District LinksOctober 15, 2014
Colonial Region Outline Notes
Colonial Region Outline Notes.docx
Test Prep/Homework ResourcesOctober 9, 2015
Cornell Note Writing Example - Chap.8 Intro
Cornell Notes Example - Chap8 Constitution Intro.pdf
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesDecember 2, 2013
Ex.Cred. Anthony Johnson and Birth of American Slavery
Extra Credit - Anthony Johnson and Birth of American Slavery.docx
Extra CreditJune 3, 2016
Helping your child adjust to Middle School Life
Family/Student School-District LinksOctober 6, 2010
History Why? Article
History Why Article.pdf
CitizenshipSeptember 23, 2014
How to Write an Outline
How to Write and Outline.docx.pdf
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesSeptember 23, 2013
List of Capitals of States
Capital Name List.doc
Test Prep/Homework ResourcesSeptember 15, 2015
Margin Note Example When Able to Write on Article
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesSeptember 2, 2012
Margin Note Symbol Sheet
Margin note + Comment note guide.pdf
Literacy (Reading/Writing) ResourcesSeptember 27, 2014
Mayflower Compact Reading Analysis
Test Prep/Homework ResourcesOctober 8, 2015