First Quarter Reflection

Congratulations to seven 8th grade students, who each read over 120,000 words this quarter.  Two eighth grade students excelled with 657,000 words read and 470,000 words read.   The class read total of = 2,158,293

Congratulations to four 7th grade students, who each read over 70,000 words this quarter.  Two students read over 100,000 words.  The class read a total of= 573,307

This quarter has flown by and many students have been working diligently to progress in their reading and writing.  This quarter we have:

  • set a quarterly reading goal
  • practiced in class and independently a before reading activity; the 4 P's
  • begin to question the text to increase comprehension
  • make connections to what is read
  • completed reading logs nightly
  • read enough books to meet our reading goal  each student has a different point goal depending on the student's independent reading level
  • began fluency timings using our new textbook and graded passages
  • correct daily sentences for grammar, capitols and punctuation and learned new vocabulary words in the sentences
  • practiced how to use a 4 square for organizing ideas of a  5 paragraph essay
  • trained on how to use Word Q (word predict program with voice read back) when typing essays
  • individually rated classroom behavior and performance
  • Book Chats=spoke in class about the books we are reading independently
  • read non-fiction articles, 1. Getting Enough Sleep,  2. Minimizing Extra Noise While Doing Homework,  
  • 3. Homework Tips and Establishing Routines
  • Learned the acronyms:  COPS, CRAPY, POWER, ZYLAR