All students MUST be reading nightly at home for 30-45 minutes per day--5 days per week.  After the chapter of pages have been read, a response needs to be written into the spiral notebook located in the three-ring binder.  Each nightly log should have 2 parts completed.  If you are unsure about WHAT to write, look over the notes you wrote on the front cover of your spiral on how to complete each part.

PART 1         DATE                         PAGES READ

Write a one paragraph SUMMARY about the pages you read.

         OR      write BULLET POINTS  for important information you read


PART 2  CONNECTION this part has two pieces

PIECE #1   Choose an important piece of information from the pages you read and COPY the exact words from the book.

PIECE #2   Write how you are connected to the words you copied from the book.  This information triggers a memory for you either

                  --you have experienced what was in the book

                 --you have read about what happened in the book in a different book or internet or magazine  Need to provid ea title and details

                 --you have seen what has happened in the book in your neighborhood, school, tv, movie

You only choose one way you are connected writing about it in 2-3 sentences.