Honors 8th grade social studies

Welcome to 8th grade Honors Humanities! 

Humanities refers to the branches of knowledge concerned with human thought and culture. In other words, humanities is a combination of English and social studies. This year, you will notice that much of what you do in one class is related to something in the other class.

I teach the social studies class, while Ms. Schwartz teaches the English class. 
      Eighth grade social studies is a course which focuses on American history. Eighth grade English focuses on honing writing skills and developing as analytic readers.
In both Honors Humanities classes, there will be a variety of projects and activities including independent work, small group work, research, and reading to analyze information and ideas. There will also be frequent discussions and performance assessments such as town meetings, Socratic seminars and presentations.
All of these activities are designed to encourage you to become independent thinkers with the ability to analyze facts critically and back up your point of view.