Cedar Way Elementary, Room 604
Sixth Grade

Upcoming Events 

  • Camp Forms are due by March 2nd, we go to Camp Orkila on 4/10-4/13.

  • Reply to this email if you are not planning on sending your child to camp, I need it for final numbers.

  • We are looking for female chaperones, interested persons should fill out the chaperone form in the attached camp packet (3rd page).

  • Camp cost is $250 per student, money (or payoff plan is due March 2nd also) - checks can be made out to Edmonds School District.

  • We are selling 2018 Entertainment Books!  Cost is $25 per book and $10 goes towards your child's camp fund (sell 25 books, pay off camp!).

  • Contact me if you did not receive your fundraised amount for camp earlier this month or if there are any questions or concerns about camp.

  • Middle School Meeting on 2/22/18 @6:30pm at BTMS.

  • Send rain gear with students, sometimes it will rain at recess and they will finish recess unless absolutely pouring.

  • Book Report due 2/16


Picture Retakes 11/3

Camp Meeting:  11/3 @ 5pm in room 604

Book Report Due 12/15, info here

In November, we will be working on…

Reading- students will be able to find the main idea within text passages and be able to support their main idea with 3 supporting details.  Work will be done within their Social Studies books, Ancient Egypt, and with assigned reading books.  The first book reports are underway and we will be starting our second book report by the start of the first full week in November.  Once a student has done a book report a video will be made public to them through the student’s google drive.

Writing - students will be able to write complete answers to questions.  For example, a recent assignment had students responding to some questions in our Social Studies books, one of the questions was,

                                          ‘How can you use a small scale and large scale map when planning a trip?’

An exemplary response from a student looked like this:

Another response might look like this:

As a first draft written in class, on-demand, these are excellent. There is clear understanding, application of use beyond anything within the text and they are well written.  The text that this question was referring to was two pages and had many text features, such as captions, pictures and sub-headings.

Math:  We are starting Unit 3, Operations with Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals.  Please find the family letter here.  If a student is having trouble with multiplication or division, please practice at home with flash cards.  Please refer to information here on how to access the school math books and homework.

Science:  We received our Diversity of Life kits and will be performing experiments on plant growth, understanding life cycles and observing hissing cockroaches and snails.  It will be a great time to overcome some bug fears!!  

Spelling words this week can be found here.


Conference Forms due by October 4th

This October we are working on...

Reading - Finding the main idea and using evidence to support our claim.  First Book Report due the last week of October.  Details here.

Math - Rates, Ratios and Proportions - to be able to look up student math books or print homework, please go here.

Writing - Personal narrative, editing and how to use a rubric.

Social Studies - Why do we look to the past right now?  Defining what makes a civilization.

Spelling - here

Homework - Check on homework here.