Room 2 Super News-February


Hello! It’s the month of February and our class is in the mood to celebrate friendship and the new friends we have made! We will be talking about how Valentine’s Day is about family, friends, love and friendship. So, take the time to talk about what Valentine’s Day is really all about and I hope you get to celebrate each other as well. Also, ahead in the busy month of February we have some other upcoming celebrations and events so read below to get the scoop on all this month has to offer.


A Sneak Peak at our Learning Ahead…


Reading: Read-to-Self is in full swing and we are reading independently using the pictures, words, and retelling the story. We are working our way towards 15 minutes and have reached 10 minutes as a group already! Whoo hoo! Read-to-self builds independent behaviors in our kids, really getting them diving into reading, and allows me to read individually with students as well as pull small groups. Our next steps are getting into our small groups to practice and build the skills we need to read on our own or reach the next reading level! Word Work-We have learned a total of 13 letters, we are working on blending the sounds to read, and have learned a total of 20 sight words. Remember blending the sounds together to read is a strategy practice. Have your child take each sound in a word and slowly blend them together until they read the word. Sight words are very different. They are read by sight and memorized over time through continued practice which is why they are called “sight” words. If you have questions or wonderings in either of these areas feel free to come talk to me for ideas, understanding, etc…


Writing:We are heading into opinion writing. When writing our opinion we will tell our preference to something, for example-who is our favorite character in a story, what is our favorite food, etc…


Math: Working through Unit 3 which covers partners and switch partners for number 1-10 (example-5+1=6 or 1+5=6), teen numbers, and writing numbers 1-20 in order. We are also working on building problem solving and critical thinking through fun math activities. Read on to find out more…


Character Ed.: We continue with our Second Step Program which deals with Social/Emotional aspects as well as problem solving skills. Our first unit focuses on learning to listen, focusing attention, following directions, self-talk for staying on task and being assertive. This looks like listening with our whole body, focusing our attention where it’s needed, using self-talk to say we can do whatever lies ahead, and being assertive by asking for help when needed and using our own words to speak up for ourselves and others.


Virtue of the month: Kindness. We will practice kindness with our actions and words. Our canned food drive fits in perfectly with our virtue. Read below to get the scoop.


Other: Valentine’s Day fun focused on friendship and our 100th Day Celebration.


Report Cards Reminder… Just a little quick reminder that our first round of report cards will be coming your way on February 6th. Please remember that these report cards are an opportunity to see how far your child has come and they are a great opportunity to talk about their learning with them. We use a 4, 3, 2, 1 format for grading. Here is what each number means. 4=Exemplary (above standard) 3=Proficient (at standard) 2=Progressing (just below standard) 1=Beginning (well below standard. Needs support). Just so you have a heads up, you may not see many 4’s, if any, on our first round of report cards. A 4 means exceeding standard at this time. 3’s and 2’s will be the bulk of what will be seen, and please remember that a 2 is not a grade to worry about at this time. A 2 is progressing, and that means they are making progress from where they began. They need extra support but are showing growth. The only other information I would like to share up front is that a NF=Not a focus for grading in this past grading period. Any area that has a NF will be filled in during our next grading cycle, so don’t you worry. I hope this is helpful for you and gives you a little knowledge up front, in advance.


Our Valentine Celebration… Valentine’s Day will soon be knocking on our front door and Room 2 will be ready for it. We are planning on having a day full of fun with a theme focused on friendship on Wednesday, February 14th.This day will be all about celebrating each and every one of our kiddos and the wonderful relationships we have gained by being a part of this class. We will also be enjoying some Valentine cookie fun with our big buddies who are 4th/5th graders. Students are invited to bring cards for the class and to decorate an envelope any way they choose. To help things run smoothly, and so this isn’t too overwhelming for any of you (or myself), here are some guidelines:


  • Cards-One for each student in class and we have 25 students. If your child is interested we also have 2 in class para-educators (Miss. Crader and Miss. Kim), myself, our big buddy and specialist teachers and a principal-Ms. Bierman, Mrs. Brockman, Mrs. Norenberg, and Ms. Stewart. Have your child sign their name only and please do not label the outside of the Valentine and/or envelope with another child’s name to make for easy distribution of cards during class. For this reason I am not including a class list.
  • Valentines Envelopes-I will send home an envelope by Friday, Feb. 9th. You can use any decorations you would like to decorate their Valentine’s Day “mailbox”. Make sure your child’s name is on it, have fun, and use your imagination!
  • Dress up-Have your child dress in anything Valentines they choose. Valentine colors, hearts, heart glasses or head bobbers, or dress like a friend in class to celebrate friendship. Anything they choose! Have fun with this!




100th Day Celebration… On Wednesday February 28th (tentatively) we will celebrate our 100th day of school. This day is to celebrate us being in school 100 days and being 100 days smarter! We will share all we have learned so far, visit our kindergarten hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year, and have an exciting day around numbers and math. It should be a fun-filled day. More to come on this day in the future so keep your eyes peeled.


Math Fun! (2 activities that build problem solving, critical thinking, and math language)…


*Daily Data Math… We will begin taking part in an activity called Daily Math. Daily math is a way to teach kids and offer meaningful activities that get students thinking deeper about math, numbers, and their learning. Each week is started with a question of the week, for example-Do you like to fly… airplanes or kites. We set up a T-chart and the kids place their picture under what they prefer. Then from there, each day has a specific focus. This allows the kiddos to think deeper because each day we revisit the same information but in a different way, and the data is all about our class. We’re excited about this math work and I feel this learning opportunity really improves number understanding, math vocabulary, shares a variety of math strategies, and offers a challenge to students who need it. Here’s the weekly schedule:


Make it Monday: Collect data around the question of the week, thus “making” a data display. We add a T-chart to our math journals and chart the data.


Tally Chart Tuesday: We revisit the same data and create a tally chart to show our results.


Write about it Wednesday: We write a sentence to share something we notice about the data. This will be an especially great way to create deep math talk and to share noticings about math and numbers in our class.


Three Equations Thursday: We write 3 different equations to show the data on our chart.


Another Way Friday: We show the data in another way. This could be a pictograh, bar graph, pie chart, etc…


*3-Act Tasks… 3-Act Tasks are a way to grab kids attention and peak curiosity about math. For Act 1 we show them a video or picture and ask what they notice or what they are wondering. They share their thinking and then we relate it to math. We find out what we want to solve and get the information we need. In act 2 we overcome obstacles and try to solve our math question using pictures, equations, cubes, etc… During Act 3 we resolve the problem and the kids share their thinking in how they did this. We are beginning these tasks this week and I’m really excited to share this with our class. We have fun and engaging videos about birthday celebrations, missing cookies, Humpty Dumpty’s broken eggs and more!


Canned Food Drive… February 26-March 2 is our annual Brier canned food drive. Please show your support for those in need in our community by donating non-perishable items. Some examples would be rice, beans, canned items, baby food, pasta, etc… We will be doing primary vs.intermediate students to add a little friendly competition and hype up helping others in need. The winning group gets an extra recess at the end of their school day for putting kindness and others first.


Save the Date… Read Across America Event (Kindergarten Team Reading!!!)… The kindergarten team will be taking part in an amazing community event!On Saturday, March 3rd your very own Brier kindergarten team (Miss Penhollow, Mr. Mitchell, and myself) will be working together to read stories in honor and celebration of Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This event will take place in downtown Edmonds at Revelations Yogurt in the back room. Come down early to enjoy all the fun planned around town. Last year you could meet and take pictures with Thing 1 and Thing 2, search around town for The Cat in the Hat, eat yummy yogurt and listen to some amazing reading and storytelling in celebration of Dr. Seuss. Please come down, enjoy the fun, and cheer us on as we read some Dr. Seuss classics and more! A flyer will come your way soon so keep your eyes peeled! I can’t wait to see you all there!


News and Events in a Flash: *Tuesday, Feb. 6: Report cards home.


  *Tuesday, Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day!


  *Friday, Feb. 16: Early Dismissal at 12:20. Teacher Professional Development    




   *Monday, Feb. 19 & Tuesday 20: NO SCHOOL. President’s Day Holiday.


   *Wednesday, Feb. 28: 100th Day Celebration.


   *Mon. Feb, 26-Mar. 2: Canned Food Drive.


  *Saturday, March 3: Read Across America-Kindergarten team reading at 11:30   


    in downtown Edmonds. Yay!!!






Megan Murphy