Welcome to  6th grade in  Mrs. Rodgers' room. You will find helpful information on this site. You will be able to check for large assignments and their due dates. For daily assignments, you will need to refer to your planner. If your child is not asking you to sign the planner nightly, you need to ask them where it is! This is a requirement in this class!

If you are absent for more than 2 days, you may request that work be held in the office for pick up. If you are gone less than 2 days, you will need to check the planner and your tote tray for work you may have missed. For every day you are gone, you have 1 extra day to complete those assignments. 

Work is considered late if it is not turned in on the due date. Late/missing work will result in staying in at recess until the work is completed. If more than 2 assignments are late, a note and an email will be sent to parents to keep them informed of the assignment status.

I send home progress reports monthly, the first one will be given to you at fall conferences.