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Need extra help? Have you been absent?

Science comes easily to some students but can be more challenging for others - and of course, many students will be absent at least a couple of times in the school year. In short, most students need to come in for some help at least a few times.

If you missed class or need extra help with a particular concept or unit, you are encouraged to see Mr. Welman for extra help:

  • From 7:00 - 7:15 in the mornings with quick questions
  • During our Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday PASS periods 
  • After school until about 2:30 most days except Wednesday. 
    • (Note: MTHS has an "Activity Bus" that will provide free transportation home to any student who stays after school on most days).

Students who come in for help routinely see improvements in their understanding of course content and their grades.

Extra Credit
Extra credit is available. Simply find a current event about a science-related topic and write a summary of the article as described in the extra credit form available in the documents section of my website. Honors can complete one extra credit summary per semester, and general biology can complete three per semester.