Welcome to the class website for Humanities 10 Honors.  Mr. Ellinger and Mr. Kocmieroski are very excited to work with you this year as you embark on this amazing journey.

If you are absent, you must check the Homework section to see what you missed in class.  Please check with us if you know in advance that you will miss class.  Most large assignments have due dates you will know well in advance, so make sure you make arrangements to turn them in if you are absent that day, even if the absence is excused.  

This class will demand a lot from you but the reward is great - please stay in touch with us so that we can help you be successful throughout the year.  

Mr. Ellinger's email - ellingerc@edmonds.wednet.edu

Mr. Kocmieroski's email - P-kocmieroskia@edmonds.wednet.edu