Welcome to Mr. Ellinger's class website for Humanities 10 Honors and AP EURO.  

For summer homework information - go to the documents tab on the left and search in the "Summer" category (It is towards the bottom of the page).  There you will find copies of the summer assignment, the Freiler reading, blank maps, a Cornell notes how-to and the handout for our Europe trip.

YES, We are going to Europe next summer (late June 2016) - check out the flyer for more details.

Mr. Ellinger's email - ellingerc@edmonds.wednet.edu 

Mr. Menenberg's email - menenbergd027@edmonds.wednet.edu

Please note - I am not checking email on a daily basis during the summer so please do not expect immediate responses to your questions.  Thanks and enjoy your time off but don't wait too long to get started.