Health Period 5
 Week 1 Jan 27-31
M- Course Outlines
T- Dimensions of Health notes-Personal Wellness Model
W- Personal Wellness Model due/ Health Inventory
Th- SMART goals/ Rudy
F- Health Risk Assessment (LibLab)
Week 2 Feb. 3-7
M- Finish Health Risk Assessment (Library Computers)/ Goal Collage Assigned
T- Rudy
W- Finish Rudy- Goal Collage and Movie notes Due
Th- Catch up day--if necessary
F- No School
Week 3 Feb 10-14
M- Finish Rudy and notes.  Begin Mental Health (Ch.2) guided reading activity
T- Mental Disorders Notes/ time to work on Ch 2.
W- Stress Management
TH- Stress cont.../Defense Mechanisms
F- Defense Mechanisms quiz and reading assignment.
Week 4 Feb 19-21
M- No School
T- No School
W- "What about Bob" video & character notes
Th-"What about Bob" video & notes
F- "What about Bob" character analysis
Week 5 Feb 24-28
M- What about Bob notes and character analysis due/ Depression & Suicide
T- CBA Prep
W- CBA  "Stressed and Depressed"
Th- Time to finish CBA/ Communicable/non communicable disease intro.
F- Intro. to Disease Unit/ US Leading Causes of Death.
Week 6 March 3-7
M- Pathogen Characteristics/ Ch 26-29 notes
T- Understanding Viruses video
W- Finish Video and Notes
Th- Communicable Disease discovery project
F- Communicable Disease discovery project
Week 7 March 10-14
M- Communicable Disease discovery project due, Begin Family disease Prevention project
T- Library- Prevention project
W- Library- Prevention project
Th- Family Disease Prevention Project Due, Review for Test
F- Disease unit Test
Week 8 March 17-21
M- Wipe Out video-  Brain Injuries
T- NO Class  HSPE
W- Nutrition Notes
Th- Nutrition notes
F- No School
Week 9 March 24-28
M- CPR Training
T- Nutrition Notes
W- Super Size Me
Th- Super Size Me
F- CPR Training
Week 10 March 31-April 4
M- Finish Super Size Me, correct video questions
T- Fast Food Restaurant Analysis
W- Guest Speaker- Nutrition
Th- Snack Day- Label Reading and Consumer letters
F- My Plate Meal planning
Week 11 April 14-18
M- Food Inc. Movie
T- Sugar Board Project
W- Sugar Board Project-Due End of Period
Th- Food Inc movie
F- Food Inc. movie---questions due
Week 12 April 21-24
M- Nutrition Rating Research project intro
T- Research project- Lib Lab
W- Researc project- LibLab
Th- Food Games!
F- No School